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  1. You should probably use enum flags

    Enum flags are a clever optimisation technique that make use of bitwise logic operations paired with enumerated types that sadly see a lack of use in more modern codebases and languages such as JavaScript, in spite of enums being otherwise fairly popular in TypeScript.

    enum Guild {
      Warrior …
  2. Default Title

    The use of default values, also known as optional parameters is a controversial topic in programming. Languages like Go even go so far to outright disallow the possibility of using optional parameters or method overloading, emphasising simplicity instead. But what exactly are optional parameters used for?

    The Wikipedia page for …

  3. identifying a hack

    I was one rainy evening on the way to town when I noticed that my Grab driver was sitting in a very strange position. I asked the man had they any spine condition or something of sort, and they replied no. Helpfully they added that they were leaning to the …