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  1. installing google-cloud-sdk on apple silicon m1 (early 2021)

    If you were to attempt to install google-cloud-sdk natively (via Homebrew) on Apple Silicon, you'd get the following error:

    $ brew install --cask google-cloud-sdk
    # etc...
    ==> Installing Cask google-cloud-sdk
    Beginning update. This process may take several minutes.
    ERROR: (gcloud.components.update) The following components are unknown [kuberun, anthoscli].
    ==> Purging files for version …
  2. how to fix the zsh setup on macos

    Apple has defaulted macOS to using the zsh shell since macOS Catalina. For many, the switch (if they weren't already using zsh) was as simple as running chsh -s /bin/zsh and everything would appear to be working just fine.

    On brand new Macs however, both the .zprofile and .zshrc …

  3. how to use a valid email when signing up for Sephora

    Please don't take anything in this article seriously.

    Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail are popular options for creating incredible email addresses that will be compliant with most software and are allowed to bypass sophisticated spam filters as the following:

    if (endsWith($sender, "gmail.com") ||
        endsWith($sender, 'yahoo.com') ||
        endsWith …
  4. how to migrate your GitHub repository to Codeberg

    The easiest way to migrate repositories is to simply change where your local repository remote points to. In a locally cloned repository, assert that you should have a git remote (usually named origin) by running git remote -v:

    origin  git@github.com:username/repository.git (fetch)
    origin  git@github.com …
  5. rewriting "night light slider"

    I'm the author of the Night Light Slider extension for GNOME Shell. When I originally authored the extension in late 2017, my intention was to simply add a slider, kin to the brightness slider, to manage the temperature of the GNOME Shell "Night Light" feature. A couple of feature requests …

  6. batch renaming numbered files

    The year is 2009 and your minimalist CD ripper, let's say goobox hasn't multi-CD support. The ripped content of both CD 1 & 2 are numbered incrementally from 01 onwards, which isn't a problem if you organised your library by CD 1/2/etc, but you're rather flatten the directory because …

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