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  1. 4 years at Piktochart

    On , I served my final day at Piktochart. I spent 4 years and some change at the company, joining as a JavaScript intern and leaving a DevOp & backend engineer for Piktostory. Piktochart was my first “real” job and having spent a good part of …

  2. how to use a valid email when signing up for Sephora

    Please don't take anything in this article seriously.

    Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo! Mail are popular options for creating incredible email addresses that will be compliant with most software and are allowed to bypass sophisticated spam filters as the following:

    if (endsWith($sender, "") ||
        endsWith($sender, '') ||
        endsWith …
  3. the error paradigm

    The error programming paradigm comes from the recognition that errors are expected. Consider a function that is meant to parse JSON data. Naturally should the input string not be of valid JSON format, the function would error out. That is because handling invalid JSON data is out of the scope …